Coconut Oil And Asthma

Asthma is a condition of internal inflammation that is caused frequently by high levels of candida and poor digestion in the GI track. Studies show that the first sign of inflammation will occur in the GI track. If you think of your GI track as a bucket and if you put a cup of water in that bucket every time you eat food that causes inflammation, eventually that bucket is going to over flow and with most people the first place that inflammation goes to is to the lungs.

Coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal and anti-viral which will fight the candida asthmatics so often have and it is also an anti-inflammatory that will help reduce inflammation in the GI track thereby lessening the chance of the inflammation from the GI track spilling into the lungs and causing asthma symptoms.

Lastly, coconut oil can helps naturally rebuild tissues broken down from the wear and tear asthma has on the body.

Asthma inhalers can cause candida growth in your mouth, coconut oil can help eliminate it

  • Asthma inhalers can cause candida to form in the mouth which can then spread to other parts of the body including the lungs which will cause asthma symptoms. Coconut oil helps get rid of this candida.

 Coconut is high in the fat that your lungs need

  • Coconut oil is high in phospholipids and is also compromised of 100 percent fatty acids which are the best type of fat for the lungs.  According to Nancy, “Lungs work the best with the kind of fat found in coconut oil as opposed to the partially hydrogenated fats and oils from corn or vegetable oil which are found in so many of our foods.”