Coconut Oil And Cold Sore

Cold Sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Once you have been exposed to this virus you are infected for life. Infection usually occurs when the virus enters through small breaks in the skin, typically when lips are chapped or have cracking. If you have the virus, cold sores can develop due to a variety of reasons: Emotional and physical stress Colds or other respiratory infections Exposure to the sun or wind without protection Hormonal changes (menstruation, menopause, pregnancy) It is important to keep your hands OFF of that cold sore! Not only will this speed healing but it will also ensure that you do not spread the infection to someone else. Kissing is off limits of course! Towel sharing, cup sharing, and utensil sharing too. Once your cold sore is scabbed over, you should replace your toothbrush, lipstick, or anything else that has touched that area during an active outbreak. The fastest way to reintroduce the virus is to use something that still has cold sore contamination.


How To Naturally Treat A Cold Sore With Coconut Oil Coconut oil is the most plentiful natural source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) or Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA). Of all the numerous pathogens that are destroyed by MCFAs, lipid-coated viruses and bacteria such as the herpes virus seem to be the most open to attack. MCFAs easily subdue lipid-enveloped viruses and bacteria because they easily penetrate the organism’s outer covering. As they enter, MCFAs weaken the herpes virus by breaking down its already nearly fluid outer layer to the point that it literally splits open, spilling its insides and killing it. This means that coconut oil has some pretty amazing results when applied to a burgeoning cold sore. If you catch it in its infancy, applying coconut oil to the cold sore (with a q-tip and not finger-tip) will keep the cold sore from “popping” and getting all weepy and nasty. It basically attacks the virus in the blister stage and immediately works to start shrinking the  blister without it actually opening up and draining. And don’t forget to consume a therapeutic dosage of coconut oil during an active outbreak! While I cannot give specific “dosage” information, as each person is different, a therapeutic dose would typically be double or triple your normal coconut oil consumption.

A blister forms when the layer of skin called the stratum lucidum has been caused to tear away and the space has been filled with plasma. The plasma allows for new growth of cells and connective skin tissue to form. If this bubble of skin is broken, your body’s natural protective barrier from infection is left wide open.

Organic Coconut Oil will help, due to it’s high  Lauric Acid content. The Organic Coconut Oil naturally has anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties, which will speed up the healing process of your blisters on your skin. The Coconut Oil’s high Vitamin E content will help promote the healing.