Coconut Oil And Measles In The Gut

By Tom Mountford

Coconut has recently been reported to reduce the viral load of HIV. It began in September, 1996 when a PWA, Chris D. of Cloverdale, Indiana, prepaid his funeral, stopped all treatments and supplements and decided to take his last vacation in the jungles of South America. His HIV viral load was over 600,000, CD4 count was at ten and CD8 was 300. Around October 14,1996, he began eating daily a dish of cooked coconut prepared by the local Indians. By December 27, 1996, upon returning home, his viral load was at non-detectable levels and he had gained 32 pounds. and was feeling great. He then had a friend who began to eat 1/2 of a cooked coconut each day. In 4  weeks his viral load dropped from 900,000 to 350,000 and in another four weeks after adding Crixivan alone it became non-detectable. The Indians in Surinam eat cooked coconut every morning to help prevent illness.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is converted by the body into monolaurin. The action attributed to monolaurin is that of solubilizing the lipids, in the envelope of the virus, causing the disintegration of the virus envelope. Mary Enig, MS (Nutritional Sciences), Ph.D., has done extensive research on trans-fatty acids. She wrote that some of the pathogens inactivated by monolaurin  include HIV, measles, herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus (CMV), influenza virus and pneumonovirus, as well as several bacteria. Lark Lands, Ph.D. reports in her upcoming book “Positively Well” that, in India, coconut oil is fed to calves to treat cryptosporidium. Mark Konlee in Positive Health News (Report No. 14) reports on coconut products and lauric acid research as well as how it has been reported to resolve neuropathy in a few instances.

Dr. Enig suggests a rich lauric acid diet would contain about 24 grams of lauric acid daily for the average adult. This is based on her calculations on the amount of lauric acid found in human mother’s milk. The daily amount (24 grams) could be found in about 3.5 tablespoons of coconut oil or 10 ounces of pure coconut milk. About 7 ounces of raw coconut daily would contain 24 grams of lauric acid.

In his report Mark Konlee gives ideas on how to use raw coconut, coconut milk or oil. If you are allergic to coconuts, you may use coconut oil . The allergy is caused by proteins in the coconut, not the oil. He also describes other uses for coconut oil such as for skin rashes, fungal infections and plantar warts. Abram Hoffer MD in “The Facts About Fats” recommends using a certified organic coconut oil such as that distributed by Jarrow Formulas. It is made by Omega Nutrition, Bellingham, Washington, and is packaged in opaque containers.

I am from south America and the people use coconut milk (they make it) when you have gastro intestinal problems. In this article really got my attention about how the coconut fights the measles virus and all the others, don’t know for others but the MMR vaccines was one of the ones that hurt my son the most. In another study From a Doctor he found measles virus in the stomach of an autistic adult. Just something to think about.

Harold Buttram, MD is right on all counts in what he says about the lack of independent, long-term safety studies done on any vaccines and the lack of studies comparing unvaccinated subjects with vaccinated subjects.

Vijendra Singh, PhD. has done numerous studies that show children with autism have elevated measles antibody titers. Andrew Wakefield, MD has done numerous studies that show children with autism have measles in the gut. Another recent study by Dr. Wakefield and associates shows that there are children with autism that have measles in the spinal fluid. Where is the CDC, NIH and FDA when it comes to this science? Nowhere to be found since they have to protect the pharmaceutical companies over the public interest.

The recent controversy about the deaths caused by Vioxx manufactured by Merck is just one more example of the FDA looking the other way when it comes to public safety. The anti-depressant drug scandal where they were causing suicides in the USA is another example of the FDA looking the other way.

Meanwhile the epidemic of autism continues to skyrocket as in the case of this year’s figures (2003/2004) from the US Department of Education that shows a 1,055% increase from the 1992/1993 figures.