Coconut Oil And Stretch Mark

Coconut oil has multiple benefits when applied to the skin. Not only is it highly moisturizing, due to its oily composition and high vitamin E content, it can also help the skin to repair itself.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

First of all, it is important to understand why stretch marks occur in the first place, as this provides some explanation as to why coconut oil works as both a preventative measure and a cure. Stretch marks most commonly appear in women during pregnancy, but they can also be a result of puberty or rapid fluctuations in weight. The damage occurs because the skin is being stretched faster than it can produce collagen, which is what gives skin its elasticity. Hormonal factors present at the time can also contribute to the problem, and make the stretch marks more prominent.

Why Does Coconut Oil Help Prevent And Cure Stretch Marks?

Coconut oil is composed of many things which are great for good skin health. If you newly pregnant, then using coconut oil for stretch marks can lessen the likelihood of them occurring at all. If the damage is already done, then regular use of coconut oil on the affected areas can stop them from worsening, and will help them to fade. Here are some of the things in coconut oil which can help to heal your skin.

Vitamin E

If you buy expensive stretch mark creams, you will notice that one of the key ingredients is vitamin E. This is because the vitamin is one of the essential factors in how well the skin can repair wear and tear. Used regularly, it can smooth the appearance of the skin, even in areas where damage such as stretch marks exists.

The vitamin also has great antioxidant properties. Normally, this perk is associated with anti ageing creams because counteracting the harmful effect of oxidants on the body can prevent the early signs of ageing. However, antioxidants can play a similar role in preventing stretch marks. Many women credit the daily use of coconut oil with making it through pregnancy without a single stretch mark.


If your body needs to repair skin at a cellular level, it needs protein. Fatty oils such as coconut oil are very high in proteins, and thanks to its ease of absorption it is just as effective when it is applied topically as when it is ingested. Using coconut oil for stretch marks will therefore speed up the healing process, and greatly diminish the appearance of the marks over several weeks or months. It can also be used on things like scars.

Saturated Fats

Applying coconut oil to the skin increases the amount of moisture it retains, diminishing the problem of dry skin. This will not help with the healing process, but it does temporarily lessen the appearance of stretch marks as it will plump up the skin and make the damage less visible.

Many people are embarrassed by their stretch marks. Using coconut oil every day can make a big difference, and give you your confidence back.