Coconut Oil As A Degreasing Agent For Machinery And Also Hand Degreaser

Have you ever had your hands caked in grease and dirt or paint and tried to wash it off using ordinary hand soap? You can scrub until your skin is raw and still not remove it all. Grease, motor oil, oil-based paints, printing ink, varnish, and other oil-based products can be a nightmare to remove. The only things that seem to work are expensive anti-grease hand detergents and lava soap, which contains crushed rock and acts like sandpaper.  There is another option: coconut oil – not oil of coconut soap, just the ordinary oil itself.

Coconut oil is an incredible degreasing agent. It cuts through grease like a hot knife cuts through butter. No more scrubbing for what seems like hours trying to get your hands clean. Take a teaspoon or so and work it over your hands as if you were washing your hands in the oil. The grease will dissolve and practically melt off your hands. After the grease becomes liquefied, wipe it off with a paper towel. Remove the remaining oil by washing your hands with ordinary soap and water. Your hands will be clean and spotless. It’s easy. If you want a little more scrubbing power, you can add small amount of corn meal to the oil. This gives the oil some teeth to dig out imbedded grime.