Coconut Oil: Eczema Relief Benefits

The word Eczema comes from the ancient Greek meaning: to boil. If you are suffering from this troublesome skin condition, I’m sure you can relate to this definition. All natural, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can help heal, calm and soothe your skin. Coconut Oil contains a Medium Chain Fatty Acid called Lauric Acid. MCFA’s contain a very small molecular structure, making it possible for it to penetrate deep into the skin’s connective tissue. When digested by the body, including the skin cells, the Lauric Acid is turned into Monolaurin, an immune boosting, anti-inflammatory powerhouse property for the skin.

Another uncomfortable symptom of eczema is excessively dry skin. Traditional lotions contain water, which quickly evaporates when applied to the surface of the skin.  Due to pure Coconut Oil’s small molecular structure and rapid penetration of the skin’s surface, it may feel as though the Coconut Oil is not doing enough to alleviate your dry skin. Take heart, you will need to reapply smaller amounts, more frequently. The Organic Coconut Oil is being rapidly consumed by your skin cells, in turn, helping your skin’s immune function with the Lauric Acid. Additionally,  all natural Organic Coconut Oil increases your skin’s cellular turn over rate, acting as an all natural exfoliant for your skin.