Coconut Oil For Injuries And Insect Bites

Coconut oil is found to be great for injuries, infections and insect bites. Since my childhood days we have been using coconut oil over mosquito bites, any bites so that it does not itch and get inflamed. What makes coconut oil great for all these purposes? Here are the reasons:

  • Anti-microbial action, Coconut oil kills harmful microbes and bacteria from the affected area (cuts, bruises etc.) thus helping it heal faster and without infections
  • Coconut oil rejuvenates skin cells, helps in shedding of dead skin cells and provides necessary moisture to the skin. All these factors help in remove scars caused due to injuries, wounds, etc.

Let me now discuss what all miracles coconut oil can do on your skin:

  • Heal cuts and bruises
  • Some body scars do not heal properly and never actually fade away. Coconut oil helps in lighting even stubborn scars
  • Pregnant women and athletes can avoid stretch marks by regularly using coconut oil on the desired areas
  • Insect bites – mosquito bites, ant bites, and other similar insect bites will heal better, with less pain and itching with coconut oil
  • Warts and mole growth can be controlled

How to apply coconut oil

The best way to apply coconut oil is before the injury actually happens, you might find this amusing but it is possible! Let’s take an example, if you are body builder you are likely to get stretch marks on your body. If you start using coconut oil before you can get them helps in coping up with the problem altogether. Similarly, if your area is infested with mosquitoes, sleep after applying coconut oil, this will ensure coconut bites do not get inflamed and you do not itch while sleeping.

Another important point here is to keep the oil applied for long duration and also till the time problem is healed. As coconut oil is absorbed very quickly by our skin, you may want to use a bandage or cotton dripped in coconut oil and keep it on affected area. You may also tape the bandage to area. This exposes the area to coconut oil for a longer duration and speeds up healing.

Other factor which is continuous usage – coconut oil may not fade scars etc. quickly. It may take several months before the affect is significant. Thus it is important that one keep applying coconut oil on the area without fail and patience.

Which coconut oil to use ?

I recommend virgin coconut oil and not refined (RBD) coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil preserves the true and full benefits of a coconut some of which are lost during refining process. If you do not get reliable virgin oil brand in your neighbourhood you can make it yourself easily (see method here). If you are buying virgin coconut oil from market, make sure you opt for a good brand as “virgin coconut oil” is not bound by any standards and thus various producers may call their oil virgin while it may not be 100% so.