Coconut Oil For Pet’s Digestion

Coconut oil helps improve your pet’s digestion and allows for better nutrient absorption. It also helps improve conditions like inflammatory bowel syndrome and colitis. Coconut oil reduces, and sometimes completely eliminates, bad breath in dogs as well as reducing hairballs in cats.  As a dog’s and cat’s digestive system metabolizes MCTs with great efficiency coconut oil is used as an immediate source of energy and it gently raises the metabolism – there by aiding physical performance and weight loss – for overweight dogs and for dogs suffering from thyroid problems.  Animal studies also demonstrate how and why coconut oil digests more easily than other oils and how it is converted into energy rather than body fat, which increases energy and stimulates metabolism. The antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal effects of coconut oil have been demonstrated in animals. These studies have also shown that coconut oil is well tolerated, causing the animals no harm, unlike many drugs and other treatments.