Coconut Oil Soothe Chapped Lips

Lip tissue is one of the thinnest tissues of the human body. Because these tissues are so thin, moisture can escape from the lips faster than other skin tissue. When we don’t consume enough fluid and the body becomes slightly dehydrated. Being thin skinned, the lips are the first tissue to react to dehydration. They become dry and inflamed because inflammation is the first reaction of the skin to drying effects. Licking the lips, which is the natural reaction to dry lips, does nothing to improve the situation. In fact, licking makes the condition worse because saliva contains some digestive enzymes that can actually start to break down protein. Since all tissue is made up of fats and protein, saliva can be very irritating, and make the symptoms of pain and burning worse.


Regular Lip Balms contain oils such as Castor Oil that really do nothing except sit on the surface of the lips and help block further loss of moisture, but do nothing to relieve the irritation and inflammation What’s needed is an oil that not only helps block loss of moisture, but also one that will penetrate the skin and relieve inflammation.


Organic Raw Coconut Oil is rich in Lauric Acid and other medium chain fatty acids that can cross the skin barrier and relieve inflammation in the subcutaneous layer. The soothing effect of Raw Coconut Oil is felt almost immediately, and rapidly relieves the underlying inflammation while offering protection from further moisture loss. Treatment of chapped lips with Organic Raw Coconut Oil and increasing the intake of oral fluids, will rapidly heal your sore chapped lips.