Coconut Oil Used as a Flavoring

In spite of the fact that coconut oil contains a high level of saturated fats, the fatty acids found in coconut oil actually offer a variety of potential health benefits. It can aid in the digestive process and may even help regulate cholesterol and blood pressure. When used in cooking, coconut oil also imparts a mildly sweet, coconutt flavor to the food you prepare with it.

Virgin coconut oil has a slightly sweet taste so I think it pairs perfectly with fruit, chocolate, or any other sweet flavors.

Use virgin coconut oil for sweeter cooking, like when we’re making butternut squash fries, sautéed apples, or pancakes. I think the coconut flavor goes really well with these types of flavors.

Coconut oil also has a unique nutty and slightly sweet flavor. The flavor is not strong but provides enough  to add a little something extra special to sweet and savory dishes alike. Coconut oil is excellent for adding to the flavor of stir frys, deep fried dishes, and sweets.